HAUSBRUCH. Ein Fragment // Could a possession be truly valuable to us?

Schauspielhaus ///  26. Juni 2018 /// HAUSBRUCH. EIN FRAGMENT ///  Ivna Žic und Natascha Gangl

Take a deep breath upon entering the stage – or room – of HAUSBRUCH: the play might draw you into its own world of possible scenarios of robberies and invasions where even the air might be a piece of someone else‘s property.

HAUSBRUCH is a space for questioning the idea of value, as it attempts to trace the inner process of shaping a thing as ‚wertvoll‘ or as valuable. Standing at the threshold of the house is not enough – breaking in is necessary in order to explore the structure of ownership – and to ask the question: Could a mere possession be truly valuable to us?

One of the play’s ideas that was completely new for me is the representation of theater as a space for negotiation. There verbal exchange is not only the third inhabitant of the room but also even the performance‘s main character.

Language encapsulates this theater space just like air but it also makes the silence all the more threatening.

The result in the end is striking: the play stages house within a house like a set of matryoshka dolls shaped in a way so as to fit one within another. Reaching to the heart of the nesting doll, to the smallest fragment of the set is what makes the break-in a truly valuable experience.


Spiel: Franziska Dick, Vivianne Mösli

Regie: Ivna Žic

Text/Dramaturgie: Natascha Gangl

Bühne/Video: Martina Mahlknecht

Kostümbild/Masken: Sophie Reble

Musik/Klangregie: Matija Schellander

Bildrechte: (c) Nikola Milatovic

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